Peisaje superbe din Maramures



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5 Responses to Maramures_Muntii-Rodnei

  1. Mahesh says:

    Great photos! They bring back meomires.I am originally from Romania. I moved to the US 22 years ago. I went back to visit on the 20th year anniversary of my move (I was 12 when my family moved to the US, so I did not have the money or time to go visit). My trip to Romania was bittersweet. It was the same as I left it 20 years ago. It was unbelievable! I grew up in Bucharest and the city was the same in many ways. The building where I lived was exactly the same nothing has been remodeled. When I was there, all the stores were completely empty. You also had to stay in line for hours (sometimes overnight) to purchase food. Now there are huge Walmart like stores but no one can afford to buy anything. I think that is worse than not being able to buy something. Also, I have family who live in a few villages around Romania (mostly on the east side). These villages are also the same as I left them. Many of them still use a well to retrieve water and some of them still live in the stucco-like houses with dirt floors and no electricity. It is incredible to me that it is almost 2010 and that they still live that way.I feel very lucky to live in the US. I am grateful that my parents had the guts to leave their established lives, apartment, jobs, and all of their belongings and leave the country with 2 suitcases, 2 young girls, and a newborn.I also know all about Tuica (the drink). My grandmother made (and drank) plenty of it throughout her lifetime. I am not very fond of it.

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